Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Great Weekend !

Today's entry is about my experiences during last weekend. Last weekend I have involved in Officer's Training Camp for Civil Defence  at Dusun Echo Resort,Bentong,Pahang which was organised by UiTM's Civil Defence Co-curiculum.What i want to share is the goodness of this program.
    First of all.I realized the value of teamwork,loyalty,friendship and patriotic. It was a great feeling when all these value were in my mind. Also, I can practic all the theory learning. Now,I know how to do CPR,how to help people when chocking and how to safe people in the jungle.
   Next,I was so great when i can overcome my fear to high. Before, I can't be at any places which more than 4 level high and also,I afraid to be in a dark places. But,in this program,I managed to overcome my fearness.
The best ever is,I have learnt the skills of flying fox technique and experienced it.Also,I leant how to build a raft.
    Even it's tiring me,but I feel happy!